SIOE demostración en Copenhagen

SIOE demostración en Copenhagen

Todo nuestro apoyo desde España!!!

 All our support from Spain!!!

SIOE demonstration in Copenhagen

Posted by Sitemaster on April 20, 2008

SIOE demonstration in Copenhagen

May 31th on Axeltorv at 13:00.00-15.00


Future Denmark….


 Like this……………………………..or like this???


The demonstration’s themes:

No Islamic veils in our Danish Parliament and courtrooms!

The veil represents misogyny and stands for patriarchally jealous and totalitarian Islamic male societies. The Koran sura 33.59: “O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and the believing women to draw their veils close to them, so it is likelier they will be known [as clean], and not hurt.”

No Islamic sharia law in Denmark


Slogans: -

- Stop new fascism (the new fascists are the ones that practise self-censorship and will stop other peoples freedom of speech and freedom to talk, draw and paint whatever one wishes.) -

- No sharia banking here

- Forbid halal-killing here

- No women’s discrimination here

- No racism here

- No discrimination of homosexuals here

- No discrimination of other religions here

- We’ll have our freedom back

Temporary list of speakers:

 Stephen Gash, SIOE England

 Eirik Devold, SIOE Norway

 Anders Gravers, SIOE Denmark

 You can still register to speak if you wish until May 16th



National flags, banners and signs etc. with the demonstration’s slogans.


All totalitarian or racist signs, symbols, banners and signs

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